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Reviewed December 13th, 1999 by Staff


Ok, this movie was a big bag of hot air: a big flashy Hollywood summer blockbuster type thing. The big expensive music video was all over MuchMusic and MTV, and there was more promotion than one could shake a stick at. Then the movie came out and fell flat. Is this the death of the Hollywood formula? It’s a remake of a 60’s TV show, it has Will Smith in it, Barry Sonnenfeld directed the film, it’s full of special effects, and it came out on the July long weekend. It should have been a hit. What went wrong?

All in all, the movie is lousy. It just isn’t very interesting. The special effects are interesting, as is the manipulation of history. It’s just not enough. In all fairness to the cast, the performances are quite good. Smith shows a lot of enthusiasm and range. He also looks like he’s having fun making the movie. Kevin Kline is his regular excellent self, Selma Hayek looks damn good, and Kenneth Branagh (why the HELL is he in this movie?) is perfect.

Having trashed the movie itself, your reviewer must now rant and rave about the DVD. The anamorphic, 1.85:1 transfer is excellent. There are great special effect galore, and some nice photography. Wild Wild West is a demonstration disc, in terms of video quality.

The 5.1 mix is one of the most active soundtracks. The pre-opening sequence alone is enough to convert the 5.1-shy. Wild Wild West is also a demonstration disc in terms of sound quality.

The disc contains plenty of extras: there are 2 documentaries, trailers and an entertaining commentary track with Sonnenfeld.


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