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Reviewed February 1st, 1999 by Staff


The Truman Show ended up being one of the biggest surprises in 1998. Jim Carrey known mostly for his off-beat humor in such movies like Ace Ventura and The Mask, pulled off one of the most intriguing and dramatic roles of the 90's. Many critics did not think that he could pull it off, but critics quickly changed their minds after seeing the movie for themselves. The movie basically is the life of one man. Since birth, he has been filmed and surrounded by hidden cameras and actors. The only thing real is Truman himself. The movie was great at the movies, and now that it has found a place on DVD - you can enjoy this eerie movie now and forever. Parmount has done a great job with this DVD. The transfer was of a very high quality (widescreen / 1.66x1 ratio). The sound is of course DD 5.1 and the alternates is DD 2.0 and French 2.0. Paramount finally made the effort and switching of the audio tracks via the remote. The disc includes 2 trailers and great animated/sound filled menus. The movie itself is very good, though a bit eerie when you think about it, but overall - this DVD rocks. Highly recommended.


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